Welcome to D's Jewels Ragdoll Cattery. We are a small in-home Ragdoll cattery, located in the Tulsa area. We are a TICA and CFA registered cattery,and current members of TICA and RFCI (Ragdoll Fanciers Club International)

I started this dream with a Ragdoll kitten I got as a show/alter. I showed that kitten to a Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Alter, and the show bug hit me. I decided that I would like to show and raise this wonderful breed. My breeding Ragdolls have came from quality, Grand Champion and Supreme Grand Champion lines, that have tested negative for both found HCM mutations. My cats are raised as our pets under our feet and in every part of my home. This care will ensure you the most socialized and loving pet for you.

Ragdolls are a very unique, beautiful breed. Please remember that a true Ragdoll will have Blue-eyes because they are a pointed breed. When looking at different Ragdoll websites, you may come across a Ragdoll that does not have blue-eyes, it is not a true Ragdoll, nor is it a "Rare" Ragdoll, it is unaccepted variant, that all major cat associations and reputable breeders do not accept.

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